Community Strengthening

Community strengthening to build capacities of indigenous peoples to revive, promote and innovate/develop their traditional knowledge systems and practices.

Networking and Institutional Building

Networking and institutional building to facilitate the coming together of indigenous peoples towards strengthening their network and their internal customary governance and sustainable resource use.

Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy to provide space/s for the full and effective participation of indigenous communities in the CBD process from local to international levels.

Research and Documentation

Research and documentation to facilitate community research action to enable communities to analyse their present situation and map out the future they want.

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March 3 is the World Wildlife Day.



Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Policy

Tebtebba is committed to protect, promote and fulfill indigenous peoples’ rights to free, prior and informed consent. The photos and video clips in this website are all owned by our respective partner communities but were taken with their consent and are being placed here for education purposes.

We would be happy if you find the contents of our website helpful in your line of work. You may use our resources (books and articles) as long as you cite the source. However, should you wish to use our photos or video clips, we would appreciate it if you inform us so that we can seek consent of the owners.

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International Day for Bio...

The 2017 International Day for Biological Diversity will be celebrated under the theme, "Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism."