Our Present Work

  1. Strengthening indigenous governance and cultural values on sustainable use within the Indigenous Peoples' Sustainable, self-determined development (IPSSDD) framework.
    1. strengthening the implementation of the territorial management approach in pilot areas through community workshops and training to deepen the peoples' understanding on empowerment
    2. partnership with indigenous communities and the Department of Education on the implementation of the Indigenous Peoples' Education (IPEd)
  2. Improving community resilience while increasing food security.
    1. training on sustainable agriculture and appropriate technologies of production
    2. livelihood development  utilizing various knowledge systems
  3. Generation, sharing and popularization of knowledge related to development models for enhancement of productivity and ecosystems goods and services of socio-ecological production landscape and seascape.
    1. data generation for the Community Based Monitoring and Information Systems (CBMIS)
    2. strengthening the Ugnayang Pambansa para sa Katutubong Kaalaman at Talino (UPAKAT) for the operationalization of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Article 8j and 10c and Aichi Targets 14 and 18
    3. community documentations and policy advocacy on Access and Benefit-Sharing, Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change
    4. national, regional and global participation to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) processes