Program Thrust for 2016-2020

Our program thrust for the next five years is capacity building to enable indigenous communities to assert and secure their rights to lands and territories and to manage resources towards attaining food security while strengthening community resilience. Moreover, we will continue to participate in the UN processes to secure our rights to our customary land tenure,for the conservation of ecosystems and natural habitats, and the maintenance of the diverse flora and fauna. These are inextricably linked to our well-being. Hence we commit ourselves to extend services that will contribute to the following:

  1. Strengthening indigenous governance and cultural values on sustainable use within the Indigenous Peoples' Sustainable, Self-determined Development (IPSSDD) framework.
  2. Improving community resilience while increasing food security optimizing by innovating on traditional resources management.
  3. Generating, sharing and popularizing knowledge systems and livelihood models that promote the enhancement of productivity and ecosystems goods and services through Community Based Monitoring and Information Systems (CBMIS).