Community Strengthening

Community Strengthening entails a thoroughgoing community development work that integrates research, awareness raising and capacity building, resource mobilization, advocacy and networking, and livelihoods development in the community level. The program gives emphasis in strengthening the indigenous territory management which conforms with the ecosystems based approach, to extend direct support to livelihood development optimizing traditional knowledge and technologies and technologies, and using modern appropriate technologies and discoveries to increase land productivity and resilience.

Tebtebba is one organization who first mainstreamed gender equality as early as its establishment. For this program, livelihood development and innovations shall be directed at lessening the burden of women and children, reducing hazards in the farmlands, and opening opportunities for women to be managers and leaders. it will carry on the call for increased number of women in leadership structure/s, to look into the cultural norms that put women and children to disadvantage, and to facilitate a community discussion towards resolving such concerns.

Community-based monitoring and information system (CBMIS) shall be an integral part of the community strengthening. This is to build capacities of communities to own and control their knowledge and information, to make use of these to improve their decision-making, for knowledge production and enhancement, and to continue for policy reforms from local to global.